Can we just look for a second…
24. October 2012

Ian Harding interacting with a small child. Pretty sure my TV, mind, and heart will explode with adorableness in that episode of Pretty Little Liars.

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24. August 2012

I really want to just see Ian Harding/Ezra interact with a small child. Literally would die from adorableness overload if that happened! We can only hope.

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8. August 2012

What if Aria and Ezra work through this and then in the Halloween episode his kid shows up at his door trick-or-treating with Maggie who have no clue that its his apartment and all hell breaks loose between them. Just some thoughts.

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7. August 2012

I don’t even know how to react at this revelation right now. I am numb, dumbfounded and want a deatiled explanation of this Maggie and said love child that Ezra had while going through a rebel hippie faze that was filled with rebelling against the Parentals, poetry and love children. Also, I would like to see said child. The end.

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31. July 2012

…is to see some Pretty Little Liars outtakes. That’s all I am asking for.

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24. July 2012

The battle of the ages. And we finally find out why Ezra has a couple thousand lying around in his sock drawer. And we get almost all of the episode with Ezra UNLIKE this week where he was nowhere to be seen and left millions of Ezria fans dissapointed and wanting it to be next tuesday already. Until then, Ezria fans will have to watch the picture scene multiple times to make it through their days and not enter a deep depression. That is all.

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Whatcha doing Ian?
10. July 2012

That scene with Ezra and Aria and the camera gift was literally THE most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life. Huge Fangirl Moment!

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The amount of warm my heart is right now. This picture is too perfect. He’s going to make a great father. So much support for Ian right now!